Meet the Couple That Love to Create

Derek Cole
Founder and Daddy

Christa Anderson
Founder and Mommy

Our story

We were your typical new parents. Before pregnancy we'd rarely walk down those long brightly lit baby aisles. There are umpteen different baby bottles, different nursing pillows, toys and more. When reality of parenting kicked in, we soon realized there were gaps in the market for baby products that we were looking for. We search in specialty baby boutiques, quite surprised at what was available outside of the big box stores. Yet, still gaps.

A few things that drove us to create our baby products. If we wanted a hands free wearable baby bottle, other parents did too. If I absoultly loved laying down to breastfeed, then other breastfeeding moms probably do too.

It takes a need, some passion and a whole lot of drive to bring a new product to market. It is our gift to you.

The last 5 years of our journey have been full of learning new things, laughing and little bumps all over the road. We never gave up though! We truly are thankful for our family, friends, fans and a big dream that has kept us moving forward. More products to come from Nurse Me Tender, we're not done creating yet!

If you have any questions about whether to breastfeed or bottlefeed. Please, talk to your pediatrician or Breastfeeding Referral Service - A recorded listing of the urban LLLC phone lines across Canada is 1-800-665-4324. La Leche League Canada